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Saxton N. Keitt
Mister Benedict College






Biography Introduction

Greeting and Salutations, I am Saxton Nyle Keitt, a senior majoring in biology, hailing from the beautiful city of Macon, GA.

What makes your HBCU unique and why did you choose to attend?

My HBCU is unique because we put the ‘BC’ in “HBCU.” We raise scholars up to be a power for good in society. I chose my HBCU because of the family oriented environment. When I first stepped foot on campus in the summer of 2016, I developed life-long friendships and genuine connections with not just standards but also faculty and staff. Although I am just three hours away from home, I feel as if home is a step away on campus.

What inspired you to vie for the position that you currently hold?

My quest to become the 6th Mister Benedict College was inspired by my desire to lead but also serve my fellow peers. I wanted to give students accurate representation from someone who has or will experience the same challenges and circumstances as them. Representation from am person who is willing to serve them and also leading them in the right direction. I wanted them to have someone that they feel is reliable and trustworthy. I felt that the students needed someone who was willing to get the job done without forgetting about the people who put him in the position.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

My platform is “Redefining the Standard.” I personally believe that every HBCU has greatness, but it’s always good to perfect that greatness. In order to create a standard for the next generation of scholars, you must redefine and modernize the current standards to accommodate the next generation. I chose this platform while reflecting back on all of the previous candidates from different SGA positions here at my institution. All of them ran on platforms that, if implied incorrectly, made my institution seem less than great. I personally believe that the legacy of Benedict College is and will always be great; however, it’s the mindsets and standard perceptions of the student body that needs to be redefined. I use the hashtag “#WhatsYourStandard” to challenge the mindsets of the student body, faculty, and staff. I want to know exactly what you feel is the standard so that we may redefine it.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

I plan to implement initiatives that focus on the challenges students face on/off campus. “The Benedict Man” will be designed to mentor not only youth but also current college students. By redefining the perception of the college to younger generations, you can increase the future morale of the campus while also molding current students to do the same. My goal is to raise the morale on campus and ensure our students are prepared for the next stage in their lives and careers.

When do you graduate from college? And what are your plans after college?

I will graduate in May of 2020 with a bachelors of science in biology. I plan to attend medical school to become a cardiovascular surgeon.

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