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Kambre Stephens
Mister Winston-Salem State University












Biography Introduction

Greetings, I am Kambre J. Stephens, a senior Political Science student from Norfolk, Virginia.

What makes your HBCU unique and why did you choose to attend?

Winston-Salem State University chose me! Upon arriving at my HBCU, I didn’t have a choice of where exactly I would attend. After constant praying and worrying I stepped out on faith and gravitated to that Ram Red and Pure White. My HBCU is unique because we pride ourself on our family interaction. We stick with each other and protect one another. We are unapologetically Rams!

What inspired you to vie for the position that you currently hold?

Although I served as a class King twice, I was nervous to tackle a dream that I found at the first game of my freshman year looking at the Royal Court grace the track. On that day I said I was going to be Mister WSSU. During my sophomore year I lost sight of the Mister position and wanted to run for SGA President my junior year. However, after constant signs from God such as, people calling me Mister and subliminal messages, I had to run for my dream.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

My platform while running was Crown U; A Crown Fit for Every Ram. I had four platform points which were,

SUrvival – continue the pride of WSSU
Follow the archWAY – maintaining stability through your mental, spiritual, and physical well being.
Get Up SU- service and and community involvement.
Student GAINES – networking is important.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

My goal is to help students find the leader within themselves through mentorship, networking, and the pride within. One initiative I want to accomplish in an alumni and student mentoring program along with an alumni bridge program called the Pre-Alumni Council.

When do you graduate from college? And what are your plans after college?

I graduate May 2020, I plan to go to FAMU for their MASS program to graduate with a masters in public administration.

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