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Earl Robinson, Jr.
Mister Bethune-Cookman University



















Biography Introduction

Greetings, I am Earl Robinson, Jr., Mister Bethune-Cookman University. I hail from “The New Bold City of the South,” Jacksonville, Florida. I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies with a 3.5 GPA. I am a proud graduate of The Illustrious William M. Raines Senior High School in Jacksonville, Florida. I hope to bring back the love for my University, as well as revitalize the culture of student leaders on and off campus.

What makes your HBCU unique and why did you choose to attend?

My HBCU, the ONLY HBCU in the country to be founded by a black woman. It gives you access to a ever-growing industry of people, places, and opportunities. Also, our University was built on faith in God and a $1.50, and to be able to be an extension of her legacy and live out her last will and testament is indeed a great honor. The diversity of talent we have amongst our student body, the faculty, and alumni support is like none other. We are a small knit family, and we embrace one another for who they are and support their contributions to the B-CU culture. Lastly, the baddest band in the land, THE PRIDE “Marching Wildcats” is why I chose my HBCU.

What inspired you to vie for the position that you currently hold?

I strongly believe in Servant Leadership, Advocacy, Dedication & Consistency. The legacy of our institution, to honor the people who paved the way for me to sever in this capacity that I have now assumed. Also, to challenge myself and my peers to step outside of their comfort zone and fine the leader within themselves and to never get complacent. Lastly, to be a catalyst for change amongst my peers and be that beacon of light in their lives to ultimately inspire my successors to uphold the legacy of excellence.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

My platform for the 2019-2020 academic year is “An E.A.R.L Robinson Production” promoting Student Engagement, Authenticity, Retention, and Legacy. Lights, shining our focus on the engagement of our institution in the authenticity of the students. Allowing our students to stay true to themselves, while always seeking for improve. Camera focusing our attention on the retention of the Cookman experience. Action honoring the legacy of our founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and our pursuit of education and selfless deed to humanity.

What is your platform for your reign or term for the 2019-2020 academic year?

My first goal is to invoke more wildcat pride on campus and increase student morale. Promote student engagement by giving back to our campus, and alumni base. I will promote servant leadership, because this kind of leadership creates more comradery to help mold the next generation of student leaders. Lastly, I plan to change the culture of being a leader. The title of Mister B-CU goes beyond face value. I will exceed the expectations and limitations that others have of this position to serve.

When do you graduate from college? And what are your plans after college?

Upon graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to pursue my masters degree in professional communication & leadership. My ultimate career goal is to become a talk show host, and a motivational speaker.

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