Division of College Recruitment and Scholarships

The College Recruitment and Scholarships Division is committed to making college attainable for prospective students by coaching them to enroll in college at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) or Minority-Serving Institution (MSI). The College Recruitment representatives are responsible for providing mentorship, answer the questions, and share information about academics, campus life experiences, scholarships, and much more. This division is also responsible for providing scholarships to HCF recipients.

Kwesi Ronald Harris Division of Historical Records and Archives

The Kwesi Ronald Harris Division of Historical Records and Archives is responsible for preserving and promoting African-American and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) historical, archaeological, and cultural resources. The division presents a selection of digitized history that illustrate significant moments that are a part of African-Americans and HBCUs. The division is named after the late Ronald Harris, former director of the African-American Male Resource Center at Chicago state University and a Central State University alumnus.

Division of Alumni Relations

The Division of Alumni Relations is responsible for sustaining lifelong relationships with alumni of HBCUs and MSIs and providing opportunities to engage with other alumni, the community, and their institutions. The division works to develop programs, events, workshops, services, volunteer opportunities, with efforts to encourage individuals to give back to their alma maters. Partnerships are built amongst Alumni Associations of various HBCUs and MSIs.

Division of Communications and Marketing

The Division of Communications and Marketing (DCM) provides strategic communications and marketing leadership for HCF. DCM develops and executes communications and marketing strategies that inform, engage, and inspire others to participate in HCF’s advocacy mission.

Division of Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sponsored Programs

The Division of Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sponsored Programs works to increase innovation capabilities and create new opportunities for the HBCU and MSI community. It supports campus programs and forges alliances with the government, private and philanthropic sector to promote public benefit and economic growth. Sponsored Program, a unit within this division, seeks external financial support for research, training, and service activities. Such funding may come from federal agencies, private organizations, and industrial/corporate partners and may be used to achieve a wide variety of goals to keeping with HCF advocacy mission.

Division of Development and Finance 

The Division of Development and Finance is responsible for building and coordinating connections with donors, partners, corporations, and supporters to promote the organization’s advocacy efforts and mission. The division cultivates relationships with donors to further the organization’s mission of providing financial support for students, HBCUs, and MSIs. This division also oversees the operating budget and supervises our Human Resources practices. 

Division of Initiative and Programs

The Division of Initiative and Programs offers various initiative programming that provides networking opportunities, conferences, and professional development for students. Initiative programs will serve college students, HBCUs, and MSIs. This division is designed to build a pipeline of future leaders and provide career readiness for the century’s current competitive workforce.