Donor Honor Roll


Thank you for your donation to the HBCU Campaign Fund. Your investment in HCF impacts students, HBCUs  and MSIs, initiative programming, and fulfill’s the organization’s mission. We would like to recognize donors to the organization’s Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) Donor Honor Roll. The following list of club members for the levels of financial contribution to HCF’s Annual Giving Campaign.


Corporate Club ($10,001 – $50,000)

President’s Club ($5,001 – $10,000)

Leadership Club  ($2,501 – $5,000)

Demetrius Johnson, Jr.

HBCU Campaigner Club ($1,501 – $2,500)

Advocacy Club ($101 – $1,500)

Kalle Wagner
Donald Salisbury

HBCU Campaign Givers Club ($5 – $100)

Kimberly Meeks
Emmanuel Lalande
Marquise McGriff
Henry Golatt
Jarrod Benjamin
Ashia Muhammad
Brain Gottlieb
Michael Blum
Betty Cervantes
Marina Aslanidou
Roslyn Garber
Pamela Bryant
Gineen Gray
Jennifer Travieso
Brian Franz
Tina Thomas
Bobbie Allen
Whitney Chandler






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