We are asking for alumni, friends, and supporters to unite around the world to support students, higher education, and the HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF).

How YOU Can Help Us Support Higher Education with HCF? This is how you can help below.

$35-$50 Inform & Engage HBCU Campaigners: Your gift of $50 allows HCF to continue sending out our newsletters, producing content for social media and other communications to connect supporters to our advocacy mission.

$125 Annual HBCU Football & Recruitment Tour: Your gift allows us to fund our Annual HBCU Football & Recruitment Tour to support HBCU football classics and assist with recruiting students to HBCUs during the fall season.

$260 Board Meetings & Sponsored Workshops: Your gift allows HCF to support  board meeting and sponsored workshops.

$550 Support Organizational & Staff Needs: As we continue to grow, your gift will contribute to our organizational and staff needs including our website.

$1000 Scholarships & Institution Support: Your gift allow us to provide scholarships to high school and current students at HBCUs as well as support the HBCUs and MSIs we serve.

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