Dear supporter,

We appreciate every one of you for all that you have done to support higher education with us during 2022. It has again been a challenging year, but because of your support, HCF has never stopped advocating for students and higher education. Thanks to you, there are so many milestones to celebrate this holiday season. We’ve inaugurated an estimate of four college presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and we’re so excited to see them take flight at their specific campuses. Also, we’ve introduced several individuals to the role of the president or chancellor at various campuses. Many gifts, many additions to campuses, and many enrollment increases.

With your help, our advocacy will go a lot further in 2023 when assisting students and supporting higher education. Our work requires great generosity and dedication with a hand from passionate supporters like you. Without you, setting forth dreams cannot be made possible. When you donate to HCF, your generosity works twice as hard and will significantly impact our work.

Make a year-end gift today

As a supporter of HCF, you help change the lives of brilliant young people who are shaping into scholars determined to finish strong and succeed as overachievers. You help HBCUs and MSIs stay open and continue providing high-quality education to their specific populations. Also, you support our organization’s operations to remain afloat and to continue our mission-focused work. Please consider making a year-end contribution to allow HCF to push even further and help more students and institutions who need us most.

As always, thank you for support and joining the fight to #CampaignForHBCUs!

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