Happy September, #HBCUNation! We’re on a busy start of our Annual HBCU Football and Recruitment Tour that supports Black College Sports, highlights HBCU football and classics, and spread the word of HBCUs to those seeking to attend college. We’re raising resources that are essentials to continue the successes and necessary work that we do for higher education. It’s hopeful that you will inspire us by rising to the challenge of helping us continue to Campaign For HBCUs. Now, I have one favor to ask: we need 100 donors to make our goal of $1,000 before midnight. Will you be one?

Your gift before midnight tonight, will help with various range of expenses for the tour, including providing scholarships, purchase of game/college fair tickets for youth who needs it most, and material/travel expenses.

Can I count on you to make a gift to HCF to ensure our work continues? Click here to be one of the 100 donors!

When you’re one of the 100 donors today, you’ll not only help us reach our goal, you’ll be directly responsible for our continued work and advocacy for students and higher education.


Again, your support today will ensure that we can continue to expand our outreach to under-resources communities and to strengthen our capacity to care for students and higher ed institutions.


Thank you for making our efforts a success. This important work can’t happen with you. Thank you for your generosity.

With gratitude,

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