I love college president’s who are a personal cheerleader for the institution that they currently serve. The usage of social media, rather it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in the life of a college president gives the students and stakeholders a taste of what life is really like on their campuses. This opportunity puts the HBCU pride in perspective and brings a personal touch to the platform for… RECRUITMENT and DOLLARS!!!!

Here is a list of college presidents and chancellors at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), which is not in no particular order. There are explanations of what inspires me to learn from each of them, who are behind those accounts daily.

Let’s thank them for their leadership!

Dr. Jack Thomas

President of Central State University. 1,451 followers on Twitter. 1,030 followers on Instagram. Dr. Thomas took office on July 1, 2020, and has hit the ground running ever since. He is focused on the growth of the institution through enrollment and financially. He is continually updating you on everything CENTRAL, follow him @StudentPres (Twitter) / @StudentPres_ (Instagram).

Aminta Breaux

President of Bowie State University. 1,629 followers. Dr. Aminta Breaux has served as the 10th president since July 2017, and her twitter account is well worth noting. It is like her own personal journal of her day-to-day duties as president of Bowie. Follow her @PresBreaux on Twitter.

Anthony L. Jenkins

President of Coppin State University. 670 followers on Twitter. Follow him @CoppinPresident on Twitter. Dr. Jenkins' leadership is such a dominant one, from following his journey at West Virginia State University, and now at Coppin State. His social media storyline is inspiring and exciting to follow to see what's in-store during his day-to-day duties on his presidential ride.

Karrie Dixon

Chancellor of Elizabeth City State University. 990 followers on Twitter. 1,246 followers on Instagram. Dr. Dixon informs, celebrates, and advocates every ECSU. Her content is intensely advertising and inspiring - makes you want to enroll as a student. Follow her @DrDixonECSU on Twitter and Instagram.

Makola Abdullah

President of Virginia State University. 5,731 followers on Twitter. 3,657 followers on Instagram. Dr. Abdullah's social media journey is a combination of a balance between inspiring engagement through VSU pride, his wife, or his children, and showing his whereabouts, such as his hobbies. Follow him @makolaabdullah on Twitter and Instagram.

Walter m. kimbrough

President of Dillard University. 21.1K followers on Twitter. 6,015 on Instagram. There are no words to describe President Kimbrough. A prominent advocate for the Black community and an exceptional leader of what he does. His content and social media journey is something that cannot be worth being a part of daily. Follow him @HipHopPrez on Twitter and Instagram.

Marion Fedrick

President of Albany State University. 882 followers on Twitter. I've fallen in love with President Fedrick's leadership since day one at Albany State. I recommend following her daily journey on this presidential ship. Follow her @AlbanyStatePrez on Twitter.

Elwood Robsinon

Chancellor of Winston-Salem State University. 3,531 followers on Twitter. 1,993 followers on Instagram. Dr. Robinson is the epitome of what WSSU campus life is really like currently. His social media journey as chancellor will display it all once you follow him. Follow him @elwoodrobinson (Twitter) and @chancellorrobinson (Instagram).
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Paul Jones

President of Fort Valley State University. 645 followers on Twitter. 104 followers on Instagram. Dr. Jones was named a Ten Most Dominant HBCU Leader of 2020 by the HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF), and it is nothing like following his everyday activity and accomplishments during his tenure at FVSU. You don't hear too much about what's going on at the campus; however, President Jones will keep you informed. Follow him @FVSUPresident on Twitter and Instagram.

Glenda Glover

President of Tennessee State University. 2,015 followers on Twitter. 1,211 on Instagram. Dr. Glover is the youngest to the social media scene. With her passion for higher education and desire for her beloved Greek organization Alpha Kappa Alpah Sorority, Inc., Glover's social media presence is an impactful one to follow. Follow her @gloverpres on Twitter and Instagram.

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