Congratulations to the HBCU Class of 2020. This process is not linear, and it was not easy. Your time at your HBCUs has been filled with joy, successes, surprises, and it also has had its share of obstacles, frustrations, disappointments, and sometimes failures. But you are well on your way to realizing the kinds of lives you want to live, and you have developed what it takes to be the architect of your lives. Take the education you have received and continue living the mission. Take the opportunities that were given, and continue to embrace and sustain the possibilities. Hold on to all of the memories and relationships that were formed. Finally, set a tone and develop fulfilling personal, professional, and civic lives. The HCF organization is so proud of you, and we wish you much success in your future endeavors. We Are HBCUs!


Demetrius Johnson, Jr.
President and CEO, Founder
HBCU Campaign Fund

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