Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher learning that were established on or before 1964 with the intentions of making education available for freed slaves. Today, many of those institutions continue to grasp that value while also serving minority and diverse populations. HBCUs are dominant to the higher education sector, uplifting and playing the role as backbone institutions.

For more than 140-years in history, HBCUs are studied to having a student-centered background. Faculty and staff are categorized to provide a nurturing family-oriented atmosphere. HBCUs are also considered to have become institutions that serve low-income, first-generation, and academically underprepared students. Though those students were previous or are label as “at risk of not entering or completing college,” however, HBCUs continue to strive to maintain their beliefs and mission to turning those students into scholarly leaders.

The majority of the nation’s HBCUs were established independently by an educator, slave, or black founded church and then turned over to the state because of economic conditions; it is essential that we take an active interest in giving back and supporting their missions. Today, there are various ways to give, but the most vital needs are monetary. There has been a calling for years for all alumni, Greeks, supporters, corporations, and organizations.

Each year, state and federal appropriations are frequently cut from various HBCUs and Minority-Serving Institutions, subject by state. The first institutions targeted are HBCUs or MSIs, and for multiple reasons play a much factor in the decision. Also, each year chancellors and presidents come before law markers to ask for continuous monetary support for their institutions.

Though your giving will not support the total institution expenses and operational costs, however, it will be meaningful to assisting a student and providing a reduction toward their educational cost. When you invest in higher education, specifically an HBCU, you are paying back homage to those who died advocating for African-Americans to have an education. Even if you do not support monetary wise, you can contribute to other ways, which include; recruiting, supporting athletics, and positively promoting your favorite HBCU.

Your contributions will attract others who may have an interest in supporting, prospective students, and legislators that will be mindful of how your HBCU existence is well needed in today’s society. And, in this day and time, your support is much needed and well appreciated. Always remember, your HBCU institution was there by your side since day one, molding you into the scholar and leader that you presently are today. It academically prepared you to step into life after college, the working world.

Note that there are corporate organizations and foundations support HBCUs; UNCF, TMCF, Tom Joyner Foundation, HBCU Campaign Fund, and Club 1964, Inc. Visit your HBCU’s official website and find more information on ways to give directly.

I genuinely appreciate your support of our HBCUs and MSIs. Let’s keep them alive; we shall not close the doors of another historically black institution.

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