ILLINOIS – Illinois public universities have launched a statewide advocacy campaign that includes call-to-action for alumni and appearances from university presidents around the state to build grassroots community and legislative support for higher education.

The campaign, “The Time is Now: Re-invest in Illinois Higher Education” focuses on the importance of contacting legislators to urge for increased funding for Illinois public universities so the institutions can continue to drive the state’s economic growth and development. An increase in funding for public higher education will create jobs and spur more economic activity statewide, while providing students with much needed improvements to campus buildings, classroom and new technology.

“State funding is very critical to providing the necessary demands and affordability of students in today’s generation of higher education. It is imperative that we continue to fight no matter if its an HBCU institution or not. Illinois legislators must be held accountable for the future of its state institutions including Chicago State University, who HCF highly supports. The effect of funding lowers the effect of resources needed for the economic success of students, and preparing them for the future workforce,” said Demetrius Johnson, Jr., President and CEO at HBCU Campaign Fund.

During the FY 16-17 Illinois budget crisis, funding for higher education throughout the state of Illinois was significantly reduced by hundreds of millions of dollars forcing universities to defer maintenance and realign resources to ensure continued student success. Since that time, the state has seen an outmitigation of college students attending universities out of state due to the uncertainty of state support.

“The HBCU Campaign Fund will join Chicago State University and other Illinois state universities in the fight to increase funding by asking Illinois state legislators to invest in higher education,” Demetrius continued.

The Illinois General Assembly is set to conclude its work Friday, May 31. Each University has submitted a proposal detailing capital and operational needs and has requested a funding increase.

The time is now, you can join HCF and Illinois public universities by contacting the Illinois state legislation and asking them to invest in higher education. Click here for more information.

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