Krishun Lovelace, Mister LeMoyne-Owen College 2017-2018 was crowned as Mister HBCU 2018-2019

ST. LOUIS, MO – Harris-Stowe State University is set to serve as the host of the 15th Annual Mister HBCU Kings’ Leadership Conference and Competition held January 30 – February 2. After 14 years, the conference has tied its knots with Lincoln University of Missouri. The competition with the theme of “Kings in Paris” is scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack Auditorium on Harris-Stowe’s campus. The advance admission is $5, and tickets can be purchase online here.

The mission of the Leadership Conference is to enhance the leadership skills for university males by creating an infrastructure for leadership that enables them to develop as spokespersons, roles models, and leaders in their universities and communities. The participants will gain from experts speakers, forum, and workshops. The conference will culminate in a competition on Saturday, February 2, 2019, that showcases each participants talent, oratorical skills, ease of manner and professional bearing.

The campus queens, and king contestants during last year’s 14th Annual Mister HBCU Leadership Conference and Competition at Lincoln University of Missouri.

This year’s competition will feature 20 plus kings. The creation of Mister HBCU Leadership Conference and Competition is credited to Mrs. Benecia Spencer Williams. Mrs. Williams is former Vice President for Advancement and Director, Alumni Affairs at Lincoln University of Missouri. Now that the event is no longer held at Lincoln University, current Mister Lincoln Dante West will hold the honor of being the first king to represent LU in the competition in 15 years of its creation. The current Mister Harris-Stowe will now step down and will not participate as a contestant. He will serve as a host for the week-long of events.

Each contestant will deliver a three-minute original speech entitled, “How can you, as Mister HBCU, inspire those you represent to define and live their Best Life?” Also, each contestant will perform a three-minute talent presentation. Contestants will be critiqued on punctuality, etiquette, professionalism, and presentation.

Awards are given to the following winners:

  • Mister HBCU will receive $1,500.00 scholarship, Sash, Crown, and Trophy,
  • Mister HBCU will be awarded the Alian L. Locke Fellowship (a 10-week paid internship),
  • First runner-up will receive $1,000.00, Sash and Trophy,
  • Second runner-up will receive $500, Sash and Trophy,
  • Mr. Talent will receive a Sash and Trophy,
  • Mr. Oratory will receive a Sash and Trophy,
  • Mr. Congeniality will receive a Sash and Trophy.

The Mister HBCU Leadership Conference and Competition accepts your support of its campus king participants and endeavors through a donation. Donations are accepted online at

Follow the Mister HBCU Leadership Conference and Competition Facebook page.

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