The American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announced on Friday (March 16) that Honda Battle of the Bands (HBOB) will take a hiatus in 2019 and will return in 2020.

In a release statement from American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Honda congratulates Atlanta – HBOB’s home since the program’s inception on being selected as the host city for Super Bowl LIII. Due to the timing of and preparation required for the big game, HBOB is unable to be host in Atlanta next year.

Since 2003, HBOB has provided top marching bands from America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) an opportunity to deliver dynamic performances on a national stage. While the HBOB Invitational Showcase will be postponed until 2020, Honda remains steadfast in their commitment to the HBCU community. Honda will continue its HBOB grant program in 2019 to support HBCU music education programs and will share details in the coming months. Honda will also continue to recognize an extraordinary individual making a positive impact in the HBCU community with their annual Power of Dreams Award.

Honda believes that HBCUs play a unique and critical role in providing higher education and opportunities for advancement to the African-American community. Through initiatives like HBOB and Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC), will have been able to reach more than 170,000 students and award over $12 million in grants to HBCUs since 1989. These initiatives have also enabled us to provided an unforgettable experience and fantastic chance for students to create memories that will last a lifetime, including meeting and networking with their peers from different schools.

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18 thoughts on “American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Announces 2019 Honda Battle of the Bands Hiatus

  1. Betty R. Montgomery says:

    Please keep me posted on the dates that the “Battle of the Bands” will be performing at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia please.

  2. Pamela Thomas says:

    Sorry to hear that the 2019 Battle of the Bands was canceled. This was one of our special events with the grandchildren. The bonus of talking with the HSBC representatives in one location will be a great educational opportunity to lose next year.

    Thanks, Honda for supporting HSBC.

  3. Andrea DuBose says:

    I am so disappointed. Why couldn’t you move it to the GA Dome?! It was a Stadium, right?! This was the year I was finally going to make it to the event!

  4. Keep me posted on the schedule please
    I’m an alumni of Pennsylvania State University marching band and Drum Corp DCI
    Concord blue devils

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