CHICAGO, IL – HBCU Campaign Fund’s (HCF) Division of Alumni Affairs announced that it will kick off a three-month long “I Love My HBCU” campaign on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, and ending June 14, 2018. Sampled by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Prairie View A&M University, I Love My HBCU Month was created to encourage alumni and friends of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to give to their Universities as a way of demonstrating their affinity. HCF is initiating its campaign in March 2018 which will identify alumni ambassadors who can speak on their HBCU experience, why they love their HBCU and encourage others to donate to their HBCU or HCF during the campaign months.

“Our goal during the three months to generate over a minimum amount of $15,000 into HBCUs and hopefully 5,000 to HCF alone in assisting our nation HBCU’s,” said Demetrius Johnson Jr., President and CEO, Founder. “We are asking alums to make a minimum gift of the founding year of your HBCU which is commemorative of the year your university was established.”

Alumni who participate in this campaign will be highlighted on HCF’s website and social media platforms, speaking on their HBCU experience, why they love their HBCU and encouraging others to donate. When posting on social media, the official hashtag is #HCFILoveMyHBCU. Before participants are highlighted, they must submit a physical donation or contribution receipt in pdf as proof showing that they have donated to their HBCU dated between March 14, 2018, and June 14, 2018, or have donated to HCF. Monies received in this campaign will go to their HBCU Foundation Funds or HCF unrestricted fund that serves the Organization. The unrestricted fund allows flexibility to make an immediate impact on the organization needs in its advocacy and aid for HBCUs and PB institutions at that moment. HCF hopes that alumni will enroll in recurring gift program for their HBCU.

“I hope that this benefits our efforts in advocating for HBCUs and that alumni take the average in giving back to their HBCUs,” said Demetrius. “We also looking to take advantage to sustain recruitment during this campaign as we’ve asked alumni to give future college-seekers advice in their spotlights.”

Incentives and gifts will be available to donors who participate in this campaign from HCF. Everyone who donates will receive an HCF “I Love My HBCU” button. Those who gift $50 to the campaign will receive a limited edition “I Love My HBCU” pendant. Contributions of $100 or more will receive a pendant, HCF “I Love My HBCU” button, and an “I Love My HBCU” t-shirt with the name of their HBCU on the back.

Alumni who are interested in participating in the spotlight can visit HCF Division of Alumni Affair’s “I Love My HBCU” campaign page at to fill out the application.

For further questions or concerns, contact HCF via email at or by phone at 773.988.2106.

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