CHICAGO, IL – HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF) is excited in announcing its first fundraising campaign of the year, “10 Days of Giving” beginning February 10 through February 19, 2018, in meeting a goal of $5,000 in supporting students and HBCU institutions through our mission.

Join us in HBCU Campaigning for HBCU education with providing students and HBCU institutions with the financial needs in enabling the economic sustainability of the preparation and academic demands needed currently in succeeding academically. Also, assisting HCF through its mission and advocacy in continuing to serve as a supportive backbone organization for students and HBCUs with impacting initiative programs.

You can make a gift via the following ways:

1. By visiting HCF’s 10 Days of Giving page on its website here:
2. Via Cash App (Send to $HBCUCampaignFund)
3. Via Paypal.Me:
4. Via HBCU Campaign Fund Official Facebook Page and clicking “10 Days of Giving.”
5. Via mail to the following address:

HBCU Campaign Fund
12558 S. Princeton Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

Your support in the fight among our mission and advocacy is very much grateful and appreciative, forevermore. Thank you so much for your warm vigorous support of HCF and HBCU campaigning with us!



HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF) is a non-profit that was founded through the vision and as the brain child of Demetrius Johnson, Jr., that is nation-wide and serves on its mission to supporting the significance and campaign to raise funds for student scholarships and services at HBCUs and PBIs. HCF serves as advocates for students, alumni and HBCU/PBI institutions.

HCF was founded in 2012 and works to display the positivity and awareness of HBCU and PBI institutions while assisting in maintaining the enthusiasm and interest of making an HBCU one of the top choices of today college-seeking students. HCF serves through five (7) divisions: research and innovation, recruitment, social affairs, alumni affairs, historical records, communications, and development and work in those areas to assist students, alumni and HBCU/PBI institutions in many ways possible.

For more information about HCF, its mission or to make a donation, visit its website at


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