LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Board of Trustees of Arkansas Baptist College announced Monday that Dr. Joseph L. Jones, President of the college has been terminated for cause effective immediately.

According to, Dr. Jones had served as president of Arkansas Baptist for fifteen months and succeeded the ten-year tenure of Dr. Fitz Hill who resigned to pursue other interests after leading the college to restored accreditation and financial stability, with near record student enrollment.

The termination of Dr. Jones was predicted on his lack of transparency with the Board on issues that could place the Board and the institution at significant risk of financial and legal jeopardy. This lack of transparency prevented the board from having the information necessary to make timely decisions that would have been necessary to avoid these potential risks.”The board has lost confidence in Dr. Jones’ leadership and judgement in order to guide the school to its greatest potential,” said Dr. Harris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Reported by HBCU Digest, Dr. Jones dismissal also comes weeks after ABC faculty complained about prospects of not receiving their regular pay checks.


As of now, the Board has not announced appointment of either an interim nor replacement for the president position.

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