HBCU Campaign Fund‘s (HCF) board of directors member Kalauna Carter of Portland, Oregon and alumna of Tuskegee University was featured in the September/October issue of AFIYA Magazine featuring her business Kolors by K.

Since May 2016, Kalauna has served as a member of HCF’s board of directors with her support and backing of the organization. She also serves as CEO of her own company called “Kolors by K,” in which she founded in 2016. Kolors By K is an environmentally friendly, FDA approved Nail Polish company under the mission “empowering all women from the outside in, one Kolor at a time.”

Each bottle of nail polish as well as the Kolor is handmade and 5 FREE of: Camphor, Toulene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resins, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) all of which are non-environmentally friendly and cancer causing chemicals. Her products are cruelty free and are NOT TESTED on animals. She wanted to use to her degree in a way that could be helpful to her community and to those all around her. After developing a love for all things beauty, she struggled to find role models who looked like her owning their own cosmetic companies. Kalauna wanted to be that role model for other African-American Women and has goals of being the first African-American Woman to own her own Nail Polish Manufacturing company that produces and makes all its own products. The primary focus of KolorsbyK is empowering all women one bottle at a time by providing them with something that could make them feel beautiful; a special Kolor.

Kalauna attended Tuskegee University where she majored in Environmental Science with a chemistry background as well as plant and soil science.

Purchase your copy to read more about Kalauna and Kolors By K in the Sept/Oct issue of AFIYA Magazine by clicking here. You can learn more about Kolors By K products by visiting their website at www.kolorsbyk.com.

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