LOUISVILLE, KY – Do you know about the 107th HBCU Simmons College of Kentucky? Have you even heard about it? Simmons College of KY was designated as the 107th Historically Black College and University (HBCU) on April 13, 2016. Simmons College joins Kentucky State University as the second HBCU in Kentucky.

Simmons history dates back to 1879, when it was established by members of black baptist churches in Kentucky who organized a state convention of Colored Baptist Churches. In November of 1879, trustees of the convention of Colored Baptist Church purchased 4 acres of land on the corner of 7th & Kentucky Street in Louisville that immediately served as the campus for the Kentucky Normal and Theological Institute.

Dr. William Simmons became the second President in 1880 and led the Institute through a period of rapid growth in enrollment and facilities.

Simmons College of Kentucky’s 13th President Dr. Kevin W. Cosby and students.

Dr. Simmons’ tenure ended in 1990, he set the foundation for continued growth which included a dramatic expansion of the liberal arts program. It was proudly proclaimed by State University that most of Kentucky’s African American attorneys, physicians, teachers and degreed ministers were former students.

In 2005, Dr. Kevin W. Cosby who is the senior pastor at St. Stephen Church became the 13th president and subsequently changed the name of the school to Simmons College of Kentucky whose once name(s) were: Simmons University, State University, Louisville Municipal College, and Simmons Bible College.

The name change to Simmons College of Kentucky was to reflect on the school’s mission to prepare Christians for ministry, while reinstating its initial mission of general education. In 1930, The Great Depression came across the campus and forced the institution to sell its property due to foreclosure on the mortgage. But in 2006, the institution was fortunate to buy its original campus and move back. In March 2015, the institution received its accreditation.

Today, Simmons College is history in the making as the “Comeback HBCU”. This year, the graduating Class of 2017 will be the first graduates of non-religious degrees to graduate from Simmons College since the 1920s.

Watch this video to listen to the success of some of Simmons College Liberal Arts graduates below.


For more information regarding Simmons College of Kentucky. You can contact the Office of Admissions at 502.776.1443 ext. 126 or visit www.simmonscollegeofky.edu. Go Simmons Nation!


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