HCF President and Founder Demetrius Johnson Jr., with Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Ashleigh Tate during her coronation on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF) President and Founder Demetrius Johnson Jr., attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s homecoming last week to present a traditional gift to the Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff organization.

This year’s crowned queen is Ashleigh Tate, a Pine Bluff, Arkansas native senior at the university majoring in Education Middle School. She was officially crowned during her coronation on Wednesday, October 12th. During the coronation ceremony, HCF President presented the traditional HCF Miss UAPB sweatshirt which is white with HCF logo in the front, her first initial, last name and reigning number on the back in black and gold (pictured below). Each year, HCF will present this gift to the reigning Miss UAPB and her organization.

Again, the board of directors, committee members and staff at HBCU Campaign Fund congratulates Ashleigh Tate, thee 87th Miss UAPB and Royal Court on their coronation ceremony and for representing HBCU Royalty.

If you would like to assist with the efforts of HCF in supporting HBCU education such as funding the Miss UAPB sweatshirt, student scholarships, services at HBCU’s and the operations of HCF,  you may do so by giving a donation on our website here.

About HBCU Campaign Fund

HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF) is a non-profit organization based out of Chicago, that is nation-wide and mission to supporting the significance and campaign to raise funds for student scholarships and services at HBCU’s. HCF serves as advocates for students, alumni and HBCU/Predominately Black institutions.

HCF was founded in 2012 and works to display the positivity of HBCU’s and assist in maintaining the enthusiasm and interest of making an HBCU one of the top choices of today for college-seeking students. HCF is divided into five (5) divisions: recruitment, social affairs, alumni affairs, historical records and development and works in those areas to assist students, alumni and HBCU’s.

For more information about HCF and its mission, visit its website at www.hbcucampaignfund.org.


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