CHICAGO, IL – HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF), a non-profit organization based in Chicago with the mission to supporting the significance and campaigning to raising funds for students scholarships and services at HBCU’s, has announced its Student Assembly Board of Directors program.

The Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) is a component comprised of HBCU students and focuses on issues relating to students and HBCU’s. The Student Assembly Board of Directors serves as the “voice” for HBCU students and HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF). SABoD represents from every accredited HBCU across the country which students are eligible to serve on the board and is govern under HCF Board of Directors. SABoD board members will also participate in recruiting for their HBCU’s, mentoring future college seekers and current college students and attending leadership conferences and meetings if possible.

The Student Assembly Board of Directors is governed by an elected HCF Board of Director liaison coordinator and the student board will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Social Affairs and Two (2) Student Board Ambassadors, all of whom will represent and discuss issues affecting HBCU’s, students and the HBCU Campaign Fund organization. The number of Student Board Ambassadors will change to the number of interest students. Student Board Ambassadors will represent their HBCU campus through the HBCU Campaign Fund organization in ways to improve their campuses and HBCU’s.

2a558e1HCF President Demetrius Johnson Jr., appointed recent elected Board of Director Kalauna Carter to serve as SABoD liaison coordinator. Carter is a Spring 2016 graduate of Tuskegee University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Environmental Science with an emphasis in Forestry, National Resources and Plant and Soil Sciences. she plans to continue her education at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University pursuing a Master’s degree in either Plant and Soil or Water Science while working for the USDA as a Soil Scientist  as well.

While at Tuskegee, Carter has served in several leadership roles such as Tuskegee University Ambassador and Freshmen Orientation leader, Minorities in Agriculture, National Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) National Undergraduate Region III Vice President, George Washington Carver Minorities Chapter President (2015-2016), National Women in Agriculture Association President ( 2014-2015), White House Initiative HBCU All-Star Alumni Association Outreach Coordinator (2015-2016) and the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Section President of Tuskegee University.

“I have known Kalauna for a while now and she has been phenomenal academically, socially and physically to her studies and her university, Tuskegee University.” said HCF President Demetrius Johnson Jr. said. “Kalauna started out with HCF as our Campus Representative Coordinator but later stepped down to continue on her duties at Tuskegee as a dominant leader. She is going to be an excellent asset to the Student Assembly and the students who are elected to serve.”

This is the first year for the Student Assembly and was established to represent the concerns of students at HBCU’s throughout the country. Student Involement in activities academically and physically at their HBCU campuses is the paramount to the future to building a greater student body. Invovlement in the Student Assembly Board of Directors is a great opportunity for students to come together in learning about issues, becoming involved, and meeting lifelone acquaintances. All students must work towards a common goal; that is, to building a better community for African-American’s and how to help advance HBCU’s for future college seekers and serving them academic excellence historically for year’s to come.

Interest students must meet the following requirements in order to become consider for the position:

  • Be a registered and enrolled undergraduate in good standing at any of the 107 accredited HBCU’s during the term of office;
  • Be actively involved on his/her campus
  • Supportive of HCF and its mission to supporting the significance and campaigning to fundraising for student scholarships and services at HBCU’s. While serving as advocates for students and HBCU’s;
  • Be a visionary and warmly open to give ideas to soar the nations HBCU’s to the next level for the future.

HCF future plans are to make the position scholarship-based, where the elected officers are given a scholarship to serve their terms with the Student Assembly.  To donate to the efforts of the HBCU Campaign Fund organization, visit the donation page here.

The application process is now open and all interest students can download the application here. You may e-mail Kalauna Carter at kcarter@hbcucampaignfund.org in regards to application and any concern questions you may have.

The application deadline is September 1, 2016 and must be emailed in PDF format.





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