Founded in 2012, incorporated in May 2015. HBCU Campaign Fund will celebrate its 1st year anniversary as a non-profit that is mission to support the significance and campaign in raising funds to sustaining student scholarships and HBCU’s.

HBCU Campaign Fund (HCF) is a small non-profit organization that serves as advocates in promoting the message that historically black colleges and universities are still relevant and still matters in today’s society. Under the leadership of Demetrius Johnson Jr., HCF continues to make progress day by day in joining the list of being a premier supportive organization for HBCU’s. HCF continues to work in scoring funding, sponsors and partners to help us reach its organization goal to working in serving students and HBCU institutions.

As HCF’s 1st-year anniversary approaches, President Johnson asks that you please join the organization during the month of May and celebrate with us our 1st year anniversary as a non-profit. It also asked that you consider supporting HCF with an anniversary gift by making a donation to the organization in our efforts to continue our mission of supporting students and HBCU’s. Your donation goes 100% to the cause and you can designate where you would like your donation to go towards. You may give a contribution of any amount on our website at www.hbcucampaignfund.org/donate.

“I would like to share my expression of appreciation to everyone for all of the kind words of support, every connection through social media, for every donation given thus far for HBCU Campaign Fund as well as invites to your illustrious and prestigious institutions. Your HBCU Love is much respected by HCF and we’re always willing to show it back in any way we can!” stated by Demetrius Johnson Jr., President and CEO.

Connect with HBCU Campaign Fund through its social media handles:

Twitter and Instagram: @HBCUCampaign

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DJMSHBCUCampaignFund/

Pinterest: @hcfund

Website: www.hbcucampaignfund.org

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