HBCU Campaign Fund extends its mission and hands to assisting future college-bound students in choosing HBCU by adding its essential Division of Recruitment, which is geared towards those who visit HCF’s website as well as social media outlets to explore further the school(s), preferably HBCUs of his or her choice.

HCF’s Division of Recruitment offers its HBCU Admissions/Recruitment Directory which is open to all HBCUs to become a part of, and is housed in Division of Recruitment’s section of HCF website. The directory will include HBCU institution’s Office of Admissions or Recruitment contact information so that potential students could seek more interest with accessible links. The offices may also host ads and recruitment videos if chosen to do so to list in the directory. The HBCU Admissions/Recruitment Directory is just another avenue of advertisement for HBCUs and no unapproved material will be posted on HCF website.

The Division of Recruitment will also handle informing students about scholarship information, recruitment events, and college fairs. The information will be pushed out by the Division of Recruitment through its social media handles (Twitter/Instagram): @hcfdivofrecruit and newsletters as well. If you like to receive scholarship, recruitment and college fair information, you may subscribe to HCF mailing list here.

If HBCU institutions are interested in accepting HCF’s invitation to be listed in its Division of Recruitment HBCU Admissions/Recruitment Directory, the correct contact person may submit a form on-line here or send an e-mail to recruitment@hbcucampaignfund.org and HCF recruitment staff will gladly assist you in adding your HBCU institution on its site directory.

HCF organization asks for your support in its efforts in assisting in maintaining the interest and enthusiasm of making an HBCU a top choice for today’s students. HCF wants to assist HBCUs in moving their institution’s to the NEXT level in the eyes of interest students as well as supporters.

HCF is always open for any suggestions, questions or concerns you may have. You may also contact HCF Support Team via e-mail at support@hbcucampaignfund.org or call HCF’s office at (773) 988-2106 and we will be more than happy to hearing your suggestions or assisting you with any questions or concerns.

Supporting the NEXT visionary leaders of tomorrow. Your support of students, HBCUs and HBCU Campaign Fund is always warmly appreciative. We at HCF are forever grateful for your heartwarming support.

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