Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are institutions of higher learning that were established in serving the African-American community and today a diverse population. HBCUs are very vital to the higher education scene because they play the role of the backbone institutions of education.

For more than 140 years HBCUs have been nurturing, providing and serving academic excellence to low-income, first-generation and academically underprepared students. Though those students were previous or are label as “a risk of not entering or completing college,” HBCUs continue to thrive in their mission in believing to turning those students into living educated testimonies.

As a majority of HBCUs were established independently by an educator, slave or black church and then were turned over to the State because of economic terms, it is important that we take the interest in strongly giving back to HBCUs. You can give back in various ways, but the most important way is in monetary support. This is calling all alumni, Greeks, supporters, corporations and organizations.

Today, State budgets cuts are frequently happening, and you will never know when the State might cut and how much of a deficit the state is facing. The first area of the State will target education and the first institutions it will aim for is an HBCU. Your monetary support of an HBCU not only gas it up in keeping the history going though it maintains a young men or women off the streets, out of those statistics and in an environment that is preparing them the industrial training to life.

When you invest back into your HBCU institution, you are paying back homage to that activist in which they invested into an educational institution to teach and train African-Americans to adventure out to teach and train other African-Americans so that Blacks are educated for society. Even if you do not support monetary wise, you can give back other ways such in recruiting, attending events, and positively promoting your HBCU.

You can consider returning and being involving in a campus clean-up or taking future college-bound students on a tour (recruiting). Also, think about volunteering or working at a establish HBCU Support Organization. Giving to those entities are a part of supporting and giving back to an HBCU.

Your contributions will play off in the eye of supporters, college-bound students and state legislators to how mindful your HBCU existence is needed in today’s society. And in this day and time, your support is well needed and well deserved to your HBCU institution. Because when you needed the support of your HBCU, it was there in providing you a premier education and transiting you into a visionary leader of tomorrow. As well as being well educated into stepping into the work prepared.

Give to a foundation that supports HBCUs: UNCF, TMCF, Tom Joyner Foundation, HBCU Campaign Fund or visit your HBCU official website and find ways to give today.

Your support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities is warmly appreciative.

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