Virginia Union University Student Government Association. Representing dignity, pride and work-ethics of their HBCU institution. VUU SGA was nominated for HBCU Digest’s 2015 HBCU Awards for Best Student Government Association.

Are Historically Black Colleges & Universities Student Government Associations turning more into joke-istrations rather than administrations?

Student Government Associations (SGA) at most institutions are the governing organization of the students and serves as the student voice between the institution’s administration, faculty, academic and social life. SGA’s are made-up of the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and other positions depending on the institution and its student government governing by-laws. The university’s Queen also plays a role in part of Student Government Association.

In today’s generation, some institution Student Government Associations are becoming a joke-istration rather than an administration who works on policy changes in making the campus better for its student body. Some institutions SGA elections are towards popularity in the terms of appointing their friends just for “titles” or running to represent their “Greek” organization for history-making in the university’s record books. However, on the other hand, some institution Student Government Associations the administration puts a block on them even from proposing policy changes because of their “suck-in, we run this” ways.

Student Government Associations are responsible for making policies affecting student life including student concerns in all areas of the campus and presenting it back to the administration, reflecting to sustain the retention rate. Student Government Associations are also a representation of the university meaning the SGA’s should travel attending leadership conferences, meeting other SGA’s, and showing pride in their institution.

Yes, SGA are responsible for hosting events such as homecoming, lecture series, homework sessions, certain “turn up” events but also, work in connection with their student body’s as some institution SGA’s have showed and proven to work in being advocates for their student body in policy changing terms.

If the Student Government Associations are made up of popular folks, who are just in it for a title or to be seen, then how would the “voice” between the student body and administration will get communicated in sustaining a better campus?

This will cause a campus to fall deeper than the state that it is in already. Without the student government association speaking up for the student body, and depending on what type of “folks” are part of the institution administration; they will do what they want to do just to keep their job afloat including not making any changes and pretend the fact that they do not know what’s happening on the campus. Those will be the issues that students complain about daily but with it not being a Student Government Association to take it in and approach the situation to the administration. The hole will sink deeper and cause the retention rate to begin dropping.

This is when a committee of student life faculty members meet to reevaluate the by-laws and the elections requirements of who can run and become elected to a position. It also takes the students to take serious thought of whom they vote in those positions as well. The student votes are in control of whom you elected to be your “voice”, representation and help improve your campus for the better.

Student Government Associations are very vital in the prosperity relationship between the students and administration in having a healthy and happy HBCU campus. When students are not satisfied, then that is when SGA president and vice-presidents should work into seeing how the issue can improve, but it also takes the consideration and the cooperation of the institution’s administration as well in caring to make the situation better depending on how vital it is.

As Student Government Association election season approaches us. I ask that as a student (who is not running for the position), that you evaluate the candidates very carefully and ask questions in your head (Are they seen on campus often, loves the school and the student body? Are they a great representation fit for the institution? What organization have they served in before running and what was their work-ethics serving in the previous organization? Are they an outgoing and dedicated person? Are they not afraid to fight for me as a student against the administration in “giving a no” situations? Are they willing to listening to my student concerns and take it into considerations?). Also, attend speeches if they are any hosted by the election board and make sure to listen to what they are committed to as a elected official and not what they are promising you. Promises are not granted, but commitment is a pleasure (IF and ONLY IF they are not fooling you just to get in office to not dedicate toward working for the cause.)

If your Student Government Association only work to be seen at football games in the representation of their institution and homecoming than that is not an efficient cabinet and was never meant to work from the beginning.

I hope this post lead you to think how important SGA elections are and to make sure you take them seriously at your institution for the betterment of your campus as well as for the betterment of the student body and their happiness to a successful campus life.



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