HBCU Campaign Fund has announced its HBCU General Scholarship which will be open to high school seniors and all HBCUs. This scholarship is visioned to support college-bound high school seniors and students who are already attending college at an HBCU. The students must be in need of assistance with their financial college expenses.

This scholarship is a plan to help sustain enrollment and gain retention for HBCUs. A lot of students drop out due to not being able to afford their current college expenses. So the students pack up and move back home. HBCU Campaign Fund would like to help assist college students attending HBCUs.

Your assistance is requested and if you would like to contribute to HBCU Campaign Fund’s HBCU General Scholarship, you may donate online here or make a check payable to HBCU Campaign Fund and in the memo field on the check, write “HBCU General Scholarship.” You may send the check to the following address:

HBCU Campaign Fund
c/o HBCU General Scholarship
12558 S. Princeton Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

Thank you for your support of HBCU students, HBCUs and HBCU Campaign Fund. Supporting the future of visionary leaders of the next generation and taking HBCUs to the NEXT level!

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