E1611B13-3751-4D5C-95AA-16541FA04C36.png_zpslfiki271.jpegCHICAGO, IL – Chicago State University, a multicultural university with a twist of historically black college & university features, located in Chicago, IL, is being fought for by students and faculty demanding the state officials to pass a budget to guarantee their school’s funding.

According to the source DNAinfo Chicago, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund member-school has been running on reserve funds since last July, when the Illinois officials blew past its deadline to pass a budget for the fiscal year 2016. Six months later, administrators say that they have until March until the school runs out of cash entirely.

A community march lead by more than 100 students, trailed by a handful of faculty and community members protected by Chicago Police marched down 95th Street chanting slogan, “Black education is good for health, Save CSU, budget or else.”

“We all knew we had to get our message out somehow, so we thought the best way would be to just bring it out through our own community here on the South Side of Chicago,” said Paris Griffin, Chicago State Student Government Association President. “We just want the state government to know that it’s their responsibility to support higher education in this state not just at Chicago State, but everywhere in Illinois.”

“[State elected officials] all had access to higher education, but they don’t have to fight for it like we do,” Paris added. “Educations is something we all deserve.”

Before the march, President Thomas Calhoun praised the students for their fortitude, tell them he was “spending a lot of time talking to legislators” over possible ways to keep the university running if the budget gridlock endures into the spring.

“I want you to know you’re bringing honor to the university with what you’re doing,” Calhoun said. “We have every intention of getting the money this university deserves. You’re now part of that, and I’m proud of you for that.”

Chicago State recently named Thomas Calhoun as new president back in October 2015. Who began his position on January 1, 2016, in hopes to reverse its declining enrollment and improve its financial situation. Calhoun was vice president of enrollment management at the University of North Alabama.

The source also says the university website tells that about 7,200 students are enrolled this year.

Student Government Association President Paris Griffin said student leaders would reconvene later in the week and decide the next steps of a continuing activism campaign. Until then, students said, onlookers can support their campaign on social media with “#BudgetOrElse” or “#CSU.”

BFBD03E1-B1DD-4906-AA91-1FDAD2502FDA.png_zpsb2ca68th.jpegHistory of Chicago State University

Founded in 1867 as Cook County Normal School, the school found its first permanent home. Daniel S. Wentworth was the institution’s first principal. The original building contained 27 rooms and a model grammar school. A few years later, Cook County Normal School added a dormitory that earned it a jump in enrollment and a national reputation. The school was acquired by the Chicago Board of Education in 1897 and renamed Chicago Normal School. In 1913, it became Chicago Normal College, and still later Chicago Teachers College.

A major change reflected the college’s curriculum in 1965 when control of the school passed into the hands of the State of Illinois. The revamped institution was renamed Illinois Teachers College: Chicago South. Soon after, the legislature acted to remove the title of “teachers college” from all state colleges and universities. In 1967, the school became Chicago State College. Throughout the 1960s, Chicago State expanded its academic program offerings and began to move toward fulfilling its news, more comprehensive role as a liberal arts institution. The school was renamed Chicago State University in 1971.

In November of 1972, the university made the monumental move from its 6800 South Stewart Street campus, where it had been located for 102 years, to its present location at 9501 South King Drive.

More than 140 years ago, under the name of Cook County Normal School, it opened doors as a teachers training school in a leaky railroad freight car in Blue Island, Illinois. Today, as Chicago State University, the school is a fully accredited public, urban institution located in a residential community on the Southside of Chicago. During the first year of its founding, CSU enrolled 62 students. Now the current student enrollment is nearly 7,200.

Source: https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20160110/roseland/csu-students-demand-budget-action-save-school-far-south-side-oasis | https://www.csu.edu/president/history.htm

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